The final version of the SenSyF Project, developed during 2015, is ready and prepared to integrate new services in the Earth Observation domain.The Framework is now prepared to deal with the Big Data coming from the SENTINEL satellites.The integration of EO Applications on the SenSyF Platform was evolved to be more user friendly with the main goal of reduce the learning curve. All the demonstrative services, which are part of the SenSyF Consortium, were able to run their applications on public scalable clusters proving the concept and the scalability of the SenSyF Platform.

Potential Service providers and other projects and individuals interested in the SenSyF concept can make a request in order to integrate their applications on the SenSyF Framework.

Breaking News

With the end of the SenSyF Project, a new Commercial WebSite was developed in order to easily explain the concept, the main goals and the strengths of the Platform.

Any contact of a Potential Service provider or other application developer interested on SenSyF shall be made following the contacts indicated on the new WebSite.

Check the new SenSyF WebSite

Water and Other
S1 Monitoring of Continental Fresh Water Service is a service dedicated to monitoring water quality and quantity for in-land water reservoirs.
Cold Areas
S2 Arctic-Alpine Growing Season Mapping Service will provide a service mapping the growing season in arctic and alpine areas of northern Europe.
S3 Soil Freezing/Thawing Product Service will develop a fully automatic service based on Sentinel-1 and 3 data to classify ground as frozen or thawed.
Land Support
S4 Spectro-Temporal Integration Service will provide integration of data from multiple different sensors, generating a multi-resolution spectro-temporal product.
S5 Multitemporal Land Cover Classification and Change Detection Service will generate land cover and land cover change products from cloud-free mosaics.
S6 Agriculture Support Service is dedicated to support farmers and associations in managing the agriculture irrigation.
S7 TOUCAN will be a framework for developing and executing tools allowing inter-comparison, calibration, validation and analysis of optical sensor products and performance.
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