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What is the SenSyF SDK

SenSyF SDK is a development kit containing a set of tools to be available for the SenSyF service developers as part of the Development Sandbox to help on the development of new EO-related services which will take advantage of the Cloud Computing environment.

The SenSyF SDK contains:

  • A set of third-party tools and libraries to develop EO data processing algorithms.
  • A set of tools available in the command line implementing a set of common features (data access, data processing and data dissemination).
  • A set of documentation, guidelines and tutorials to develop services on the SenSyF Framework (including parallelization techniques).

Currently the SenSyF SDK is deployed on the Sandboxes running Linux CentOS 6.5 operating system. On the second version the user will be able to install the needed tools and the system will install automatically all the dependencies.

SDK concept

SenSyF SDK Available Tools

The SenSyF SDK Tools are a collection of binaries available through the Developer Sandbox command line that allow the user to develop and deploy their service using the cloud infrastructure and taking advantage of the parallelization strategy (Hadoop Streaming).

Data Access Features

By using the data access tools available on the SDK, the user is able to:

  • Get data from the Big Data repositories to the Hadoop Environment in order to process it
  • Perform queries to the Big Data catalogues
  • Transfer data from a remote server to the Sandbox, using one of the supported protocols.

Data Processing Features

In order to pre-process and treat EO-data, the SDK got tools which can perform the following operations:

  • Split products in tiles, according to a input tile size
  • Perform the orthorectification of SAR data using automatic or external DEMs
  • Reproject products to a different CRS
  • Make crops on big products
  • Convert raster data between different formats
  • Make spatial subsets from big regions
  • Perform math operations on the raster data with pixel values
  • Convert vector data between different formats
  • Perform other operations on vector data
  • and many other features…

Data Dissemination Features

Related with the data dissemination, it is possible to:

  • Send notifications via email
  • Generate HTML reports
  • Transfer data from the Cloud environment to a remote server

Orchestration Features

Inside the sandbox, the developers have available many tools to orchestrate and test their applications.

The service developers can use all of these features to deploy their algorithms which can be developed in any programming language supported by CentOS 6.5.

SDK concept

Developers can also program on their local environment and then synchronize with the Sandbox through SVN/Github.

To obtain more information related with the SDK please contact us.

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