SenSyF Consortium

DEIMOS Engenharia SA

DEIMOS Engenharia is responsible for the project coordination (WP1 and WP7), and for the design and implementation of the tools which interface layer, built on top of the SenSyF Framework and providing cloud-based optimised data manipulation primitives and other support operations on Copernicus data. DEIMOS Engenharia will also be in charge of the Agriculture Support Service (S6), in cooperation with the IST-MARETEC research institute, and will coordinate the SenSyF implementation (WP4).

DME logo DEIMOS Engenharia is a private Portuguese Aerospace Engineering company, part of the DEIMOS group, whose business is focused on space systems design and operational software systems development and validation, in the areas of Satellite Data Processing and Ground Segment Systems, Global Navigation Satellite Systems Technologies, Mission Analysis, Guidance, Navigation and Control.
Elecnor DEIMOS

Elecnor DEIMOS is in charge of the parallelisation and performance analysis of the services’ components (interface layer and services). Elecnor DEIMOS will also carry out the project office activities (PM, QA and CM), and support the exploitation of the resulting framework among the scientific community.

DMS logo Elecnor DEIMOS is a Spanish aerospace and technology company, part of the Elecnor Group. The company is now the technology branch for the Elecnor Group and addresses, not only the Space sector but also Defence, Telecommunications, Energy and Industry.

Terradue SRL

Terradue’s responsibilities in the project are the services integration, deployment, operations and support of the SensyF infrastructure. Terradue is also coordinator of WP5 (IT Infrastructure Support and Services Uptake).

TDUE logo Terradue is an Italian SME created early 2006 supported by the Lazio’s Business Innovation Centre and the ESA program of pre-incubation and incubation. It has expertise in development and integration of geospatial services in Grid and cloud environments for operational settings. The company works in the development of a Grid infrastructure in ESA to support EO operational applications and services.
Centro Nacional de Información Geográfica

IGN-CNIG is responsible for the development of the Spectro-Temporal integration Baseline Service (S4) and the Multitemporal Land Cover Classification and Change Detection Service (S5) in tandem with UVEG.

IGN-CNIG logo IGN-CNIG is the authority for cartography and geographic information in Spain and coordinates national Spatial Data Infrastructure. It is also National Reference Center for Land Cover and Spatial Analysis in EIONET European network and as such coordinates GMES Pan-EU Land Cover Services in Spain, including CORINE Land Cover 1990, 2000, 2006, and 2011 databases and High Resolution Layers. IGN-CNIG coordinates Spanish National Remote Sensing Program, SIOSE land cover national database, National Program for Aerial Orhotophotography and National Lidar Program. IGN-CNIG also partipates in FP7 projects HLANDATA and HELM.

ACRI-ST ST will be the responsible for the implementation of Fresh Water Quality Service (S1). ACRI-ST will lead WP2 for service and framework requirements and definition and will support the SenSyF project as Sentinel-3 data experts.

ACRI-ST logo ACRI-ST is a SME, established in Sophia-Antipolis, France, for more than 20 years. ACRI-ST is a supplier of space agencies in all phases of Earth Observation missions (system requirements, analysis and ground segment design, mission operation), performs research activities related to theoretical and numerical fluid dynamics, geophysics and ocean modelling, develops and operates information services related to the surveillance and forecast of the Earth environment.
Northern Research Institute Tromsø AS

Norut’s main tasks in SenSyF are as coordinator for WP3 (Specification of Synergetic Services and Framework) and is also responsible for the development of the Arctic-alpine Growing Season Service (S2) and the Soil Freezing/thawing Service (S3). Norut will also support the SenSyF project as experts in Senitnel-1 SAR instrument.

Norut logo Northern Research Institute Tromsø AS is an applied research institute within the field of Earth observation science, information technology, social science and biotechnology. Norut has almost 30 years of experience in signal and image processing in applied remote sensing, and has gained international reputation for its contributions to the field. Norut is an ESA Expert Support Laboratory for the Envisat mission, and was the prime contractor for developing the ESA Envisat ASAR Wave Mode Level2 processor. The institute is currently involved in developing the Level 2 processor for the Instrument Processing Facility for the ESA Sentinel-1 mission. The institute is strongly involved in Norwegian Research Council, Norwegian Space Centre, ESA and EU projects. The remote sensing group at Norut comprises 17 researchers of which 15 have a PhD degree. The group conducts environmental and resource monitoring based on satellite remote sensing. Norut has a long lasting experience within the field for remote sensing of the cryosphere using SAR and optical sensors, and have coordinated several EU projects. Norut has also broad experience with remote sensing based mapping of the growing season in northern areas, and has lead several Nordic and national projects within the field.
ARGANS Limited

ARGANS will provide expertise support for the Sentinels 2 data and is responsible for the Landscape Management Service (S7). ARGANS is also coordinator of WP6 (Results Dissemination and Future Directions).

ARGANS logo ARGANS (Applied Research in Geomatics, Atmosphere, Nature and Space) Limited is an independent customeroriented industrial company of highly skilled and innovative scientists and engineers bringing state of the art research to solve industrial, operational and scientific requirements. It was established as a Private Limited SME Company in the United Kingdom in 2007, and at present it’s comprised of 10 scientific/engineering staff with the headquarters at Harwell Oxford and operational base in Plymouth. The shareholders, including ACRI-ST and the University of Plymouth, have representatives who sit within a board of directors.
Instituto Superior Técnico

IST is supporting DEIMOS in the development of the Agriculture Service (S6).

IST-MARETEC logo Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), the Engineering School of Lisbon Technical University is Portugal’s main Engineering School with about 7000 undergraduate students and 2000 graduate students. Research activities IST are organized into Research Centres and Institutes. MARETEC is IST’s multidisciplinary research centre, coordinated by Prof. Ramiro Neves ( and Maretec’s main activities are numerical modelling applied to aquatic environmental problems, monitoring and data management.
Universitat de Valencia – Estudi General (UVEG)

The University of Valencia is responsible for the implementation of the Multitemporal Land Cover Classification and Change Detection Service (S5) and the Spectro-Temporal integration Baseline Service (S4) in cooperation with IGN-CNIG.

UVEG logo The UVEG research group in this project is part of Image Processing Laboratory (IPL) at the University of Valencia. The group focuses on developing new Earth Observation techniques and machine learning algorithms. Applications are tied to vegetation modelling as well as land cover classification and image fusion. This group is involved in ESA and EUMETSAT activities for the development of new missions, such as FLEX, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3, MTG-IRS, and has participated in many field validation campaigns (i.e. AGRISAR, CEFLES2, SEN2FLEX, SEN3EXP).
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